FXsound.com designs and distributes the DFX® Audio Enhancer product, which is the world's most popular PC multimedia software accessory with currently over 48 million downloads world-wide. DFX enhances the sound of most online music and video content streamed over the Web, including the YouTube, Pandora, Spotify and Last.fm streaming media services. DFX also performs real-time audio enhancement on most popular PC multimedia players, including the iTunes, Windows Media Player, and Winamp media players. More information about DFX can be found at FXsound.com.

For the growing mobile segment, the innovative iDFX® Audio Enhancer software application was created to provide enhanced audio for portable devices, such as the popular iPhone, iPod, and iPad products. iDFX uses patent pending technology to re-encode users existing MP3 and AAC files, correcting for the loss of fidelity caused by the original encoding process. More information about iDFX can be found at FXsound.com.

Market Highlights for DFX:

  • Over 48 million copies of DFX have been downloaded world-wide.
  • Over 500,000 copies of the DFX premium "Plus" version have been sold world-wide.
  • A Google search of "dfx enhancer" shows over 2,000,000 DFX related hits.
  • 4 million active subscribers to the DFX newsletter.

Other Product Innovations:

Explore Systems Inc. was founded to develop and market the ExploreMatch Web service, which is the world's most powerful and complete music catalog and recommendation system. ExploreMatch provides song recommendations and artist song lists that many feel are superior to Pandora and other competing music service providers. The patent pending ExploreMatch technology has been in development for several years and contains information from over 8 million songs and 200,000 artists worldwide. More information about ExploreMatch can be found at ExploreMatch.com.

To showcase the power of ExploreMatch, the ExploreTunes® Web music player was introduced, providing cutting-edge music search, discovery, and video display capabilities. ExploreTunes allows users to quickly access and view the song catalog of streaming music videos from selected artists of their choice. After selecting an artist, ExploreTunes uses ExploreMatch technology to display that artist's song list and also songs from recommended similar artists. More information about ExploreTunes can be found at ExploreTunes.com.

Since introduction, both the technologies of ExploreMatch and ExploreTunes have been integrated into the DFX® Audio Enhancer product, providing DFX users with an easy way to access the music content they crave.