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How do I register DFX and activate all features?

You need to have a DFX Serial Number in order to register DFX. If you have not received your Serial number by email, please read more about Ordering DFX. If you have lost your Serial Number and would like us to retrieve it, click here.

How to register:

  1. Connect to the internet.
  2. Launch your player to bring up the DFX window. If the DFX window does not appear start playing a song.
  3. A DFX splash screen should appear. Click on the "Enter Serial" or "Register" button to bring up the DFX Registration window. If the DFX splash screen does not appear, then from the DFX window, select "Help" > "Register" to bring up the DFX Registration window.

    If the splash screen does not appear, but the DFX window is up, then toggle the 3D Surround Sound on/off button and the Speakers/Headphones button to check if they are active. If you are able to activate these features and don't get a pop-up message, then your DFX is already fully registered with the full features.

    If the DFX window is hidden when you open your player, you may need to manually unhide it to register DFX:

    • For Winamp 2 or 5, execute Start > Programs > DFX for Winamp > Settings. Then fill in the checkbox to display DFX when Winamp is started. Restart Winamp.
    • For Winamp 3, double-click on the DFX for Winamp3 icon on your desktop. Then fill in the checkbox to display DFX when Winamp3 is started. Restart Winamp3.
    • For Windows Media Player, select 'Tools' > 'Plug-ins' > 'Options' from the player menu. Highlight 'Audio DSP' under the Category column > highlight 'DFX Audio Enhancement' under the Audio DSP column > and click on the 'Properties' button under the DFX description. Then click the 'Register' button to register.
    • For RealPlayer 8 and RealJukebox, click on the handy DFX icon at the upper-right to display DFX.
    • For RealPlayer 10 and RealOne, select 'Tools' from the player menu and click the DFX icon to display DFX.
    • For Musicmatch, select 'View' > 'Sound Enhancement' and make sure 'Enable', 'Show UI', and 'DFX by Power Technology' options are checked on to display DFX.
    • For J. River Media Jukebox 5.x to 7.x, start playing a song file to display DFX.
    • For J. River Media Jukebox 8.x, select 'Player' > 'DSP Studio...' and fill in the DFX checkbox. Then start playing a song file to display DFX.
    • For J. River Media Center, select 'Player' > 'Playback Options' > 'DSP Studio...' and fill in the DFX checkbox. Then start playing a song file to display DFX.
    • For Sonique, go to the DFX console and click on 'Enter Serial #' to register.

  4. In the DFX Registration window, enter your DFX Serial Number and Email Address.
  5. You will receive a confirmation message stating that "You have now registered..."

Additional Notes:

  • If you get an "illegal" or "invalid" serial number message after entering your serial number, please CLICK HERE for further instructions.

  • If there are no errors, then you can verify that you have successfully registered by checking that all enhanced features (ie, 3D, headphones, unlimited slider movement, etc.) are usable without message pop-ups.

  • Once you complete your registration the DFX splash screen should not appear again, unless you restore your system and have to reinstall DFX.

  • Some PC's that connect to the Internet through a firewall or proxy server may not complete the DFX registration process correctly. If DFX on your PC continually seems to be attempting to register without completing, you likely have this problem. If so, try disabling your firewall temporarily and registering DFX. Then you can re-enable your firewall.

    If disabling your firewall is not an option, or you are installing DFX on a machine that doesn't have an Internet connection, then you can register DFX manually:
    >> Click here for instructions on how to manually register DFX


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