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The reaction from users of DFX has been incredible. Below are some of the unsolicited reviews, user comments, and prominent press coverage.

“Makes your MP3s sound way better. Hear its magical effect on your music.”
5/5 Stars - CNET Editor's Rating
“DFX pushes Winamp’s extensibility far into the field of acoustics, really worth checking out.”
- Justin Frankel, Winamp Creator
Mentioned in
The New York Times -
“The first time I tried the free version it blew me out of my seat and headphones, it was awesome.”
- Richard Adams
“I consider myself to be a pretty picky consumer. But I ordered DFX 5 minutes after listening to it in action. Congratulations - it is remarkable.”
- Anthony
“You have developed a great piece of software. You can really hear the clarity in the mp3 just like a store bought CD.”
- Sam

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In The News

The New York Times

DFX Audio Enhancer received a prominent mention in The New York Times.

DFX in The New York Times

That Warm Sound of Old in a Cold, Compressed World

“...the ability to compress music so that thousands of songs fit on a pocket-size player is no longer enough. What they want even more are digital files that provide sumptuous sound. Fortunately, a pile of software and hardware is available that tries to sweeten digital sound by putting back what compression has taken out...”

“One such program is the DFX Sound Enhancer.”

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User Comments

"I just ordered the enhanced version of the DFX sound enhancement plugin this morning. This is a very impressive product that beats the socks off of any of the sound enhancement plugins I've tried."
- Ken Riley (klriley [at]

"I am very impressed with your software, really adds a whole new dimension to listening to music. I am the Program Director for The Rock [at] 105.9, the highest rated radio station in Nashville Tennessee, music is my business. Thank you for creating such a great enhancement!"
- Brent Alberts (WNRQ Nashville) (bigwally [at]

"The first time I tried the free version it blew me out of my seat and headphones, it was awesome."
- Richard Adams (rjadams [at]

"Just bought your plugin. The demo convinced me with the Fidelity thing. That was an amazing demo, and I believe the Fidelity is not just boosting the treble, but is really improving the music."
- Jim Murphy (spycraft [at]

"I applaud the performance of your product DFX. It truly is remarkable."
- Michael Riley (michael828 [at]

"Hey I just downloaded your plugin and it kicks ass 200% better sound."
- Jason Taylor (jpt3 [at]

"I just downloaded the demo version of DFX yesterday and I am amazed at how well it works."
- Bartosz Fabianowski (undo [at]

"Wow! You really did it. This plug-in is absolutely fantastic!"
- Dennis C. Cooney (dennis-c [at]

"I have tried out the free version. It really enhanced the music listening experience."
- Eric Lam (lamfko [at]

"Bought the enhanced version of DFX a couple of days back and was really pleased. Having now discovered that the plug-in works in conjunction with the Disc-Writer Output plug-in, I'm really, really pleased. It's definitely improved the quality of the wave-file and the finished quality of the burned CD."
- Laurie Davies (lid [at]

"I had thought the sound was great previously but after using the DFX plug-in, aurally the whole sound spectrum changed...... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- Richard Comras (rcom714 [at]

"Awesome enhancement guys."
- Doug Farmer (dfarmer [at]

"Great product. I'm happy to support fine code.... Thank you!"
- Larry Butler (kn4im [at]

"Your product sounds terrific."
- Graham Connor (gconnor [at] cc.UManitoba.CA)

"Thanks for a great product. It does what you say it will at a reasonable price."
- H. D. C (homey [at]

"Your DFX is a very good plugin! I am absolutely delighted."
- Reinhard Manthey (randybear [at]

"Just checked out the demo version, very impressive. I would like to order a copy."
- Damien (damienc [at]

"I just wanted to send a note to say how impressed I am with your enhancement. The product makes listening to mp3's just fantastic. Very impressed good product great price. Keep up the good work."
- Andrew Cochran (andrew [at]

"The improvement of audio quality with DFX is simply AMAZING! Being a audiophile this is the software for me! Keep on developing to make it even better (IF you can improve on an already perfect app!. Being a community radio station, we find that our mp3 music actually sounds BETTER than the original CD versions, also so sez our listeners after they heard the difference."
- Herman Erasmus (crfm [at]

"When I first installed the DFX plug-in and used it, it was like stumbling around in the dark and someone turns on the lights. I just don't think I want to do without it. It was the best money I have spent in the last 6 months. Keep up the great work and thanks for filling a glaring hole in MP3 technology."
- Michael S. Moseley (meece [at]

"it's a very cool (sounding) plug-in."
- grif rosser (bloodnok [at]

"I consider myself to be a pretty picky consumer. But I ordered DFX 5 minutes after listening to it in action. Congratulations - it is remarkable."
- Anthony (deutschm [at]

"Great program."
- Frank Slabinak (thegoldenage [at]

"For audiophiles like myself with a decent sound system, your technology is a MUST HAVE addition! Great work!!"
- John Goodwin (john [at]

"Thanks, DFX creators! You've just given a serious processing "soft rack" to a lot of folks (Its great for just plain listening to!) who cant afford a 1,220 dollar 19 inch knob monster. Cripes, this plugin even makes my play-around FM-10 sound great! Unreal."
- Racer Radio (racerradio [at]

- Bruce Sherwin (compubds [at]

"I cant turn it off! Well...I can but it sounds so crappy without who would want to!"
- Christian & Stephanie Robinson (srobins [at]

"I loved the demo so I bought the product! GREAT JOB!! It takes the "tinny" sound out of MP3 playback."
- Jon Alchin (jalchin [at]

"You have developed a great piece of software. You can really hear the clarity in the mp3 just like a store bought CD."
- Sam (cybersam [at]

"This is one phenomenal product that you have here!"
- Kenneth Weiss (kweiss [at]

"I have enjoyed the 'Free' version immensely - Thanks. Here's my order."
- E. Hutcherson (ehutche1 [at]

"I've just been listening to Hendrix through a four point surround system and the difference in sound quality with DFX was enough to make my son's jaw drop open when he heard it!"
- Colin Ives (colin [at]

"I have now upgraded to the full version of DFX. The music Win Amp pumps through my computer speakers has a completely new sound! I am very pleased with your product. The demo was easy to un install (go figure) and I had the upgrade running in no time. Things you don't find with all software."
- Dwayne Farver (dwayne [at]

"I found a knock-out DSP plug in called DFX in the Winamp Plug-in page. Once you use DFX, you'll NEVER go back! Much improves the playback."
- Kevin Hoult (omnist [at]

"I am a customer who purchased DFX... and I'm overwhelmed by it's excellent performance. On my system, it makes a poorly engineered recording sound lousy and good recording sound SUPER!"
- Paul Burchill (pburchill [at]

"Great Product! Great Sound! Made my MP3 audio come alive! A must have for anyone who knows the difference between good audio and GREAT audio!"
- Ken Lyons (ken [at]

"I am really enjoying the additional DSP effects through your software."
- Mohan (rmoh [at]

"I would like to take the time to tell you how much I love your software. This has to be the most impressive dsp plugin to date. It really improved the audio quality of my mp3's. Thanks so much for putting the time and effort to do this one right. I rate this one a 10 out of 5. Keep up the good work."
- Rick Bassham (bassham [at]

"Great Plugin! The sound is much better now."
- Andreas (atthammar [at]

"I downloaded the demo of DFX, tried it, and ordered the enhanced version 10 minutes later. I thought I had good mp3 playback, as I have hi-fi quality speakers, but running DFX was like removing a heavy blanket off the speakers! Absolutely amazing!"
- Jon Hancott (amity [at]

"Thanks for a great product! I'm really impressed with it."
- Elton Harding (friday [at]

"Thanks for a great plug-in."
- Gawie Malherbe (South Africa) (gawie [at]

"How can I get that AMAZING plug-in in full version?"
- Marcio (marcinho [at]

"Thank you for bringing us such a good product."
- Bernard (THYSEBAERT [at]

"I enjoy DFX !!!"
- Vaux (bunghole [at]

"This technology truly is amazing. I really don't mind paying for something so good!"
- Iain McBride (imcbride [at]

"I ordered the Dfx Plug-in 2 hours ago.....I'm very excited about it as it rocks!!....thanx....."
- Alex (cshic [at]

"DFX is a BEAUTIFUL Plugin!!!"
- Paolo Coppini (coppinip [at]

"I downloaded your free version of DFX and I am very satisfied with what that version adds."
- Karl W. (klw4 [at]

"I just downloaded your product. It is awesome. Gives a new feel to the music. DFX rocks !"
- Nino Uziel (ninou [at]

"I have tried your product & it is awesome."
- Amritanshu (tanshu [at]

"This is one phenomenal product that you have here! I appreciate quality. Especially because there seems to be so little of it these days. I use DFX (1.30) with MP3s made with Fraunhofer codecs. They're played through an AWE64 and a nice little Advent satellite-subwoofer system. DFX took an already good sounding system to a level that I didn't think possible with just software based DSP."
- Kenneth Weiss (kweiss [at]

"Your plug-in is fantastic. Thanks a lot."
- Catherine (ctalbot [at]

"I'm absolutely amazed at how good DFX turned out to be. Now my MP3 collection has just got better, with your excellent DFX plugin. Nice one!!"
- Stoo Cambridge (stoo [at]

"Like to let you know that I'm very pleased with DFX Enhanced software. My MP3s never sounded better!!!"
- Roy Moffett (rrm [at]

"When I first downloaded the demo of your DFX Enhanced plug-in, I was incredibly impressed with the sound improvement it gave to my songs."
- Joseph S. Watson III (the_Professor98 [at]

"Very good product. Excellent performance."
- Frank A. Giannotti (frankgiannotti [at]

"It's so amazing to hear how much difference there is turning the plugin on or off. When it's on, it's like another dimension, the music becomes so rich, bodyful and much, much more powerful!"
- Kingdom (kingdom [at]

"Excellent product. Nothing like a piece of software that literally sells itself. All it took for me is to try the demo out once and I was sold, so I bought a copy today."
- Ed Mueller (EPMueller [at]

"Great sound...Great plug-in. I listened to it for less than five minutes and ordered it immediately. I'm telling all my music loving friends to check this out. Thanks for the music."
- Tjalda L. Schiel (tongas [at]

"Hi Folks! I love your DFX plug-in which I purchased the other day. Many thanks."
- John Sollis (jsollis [at]

"Hi. I think DFX is a great product."
- Todd Anderson (toddo99 [at]

"I run my computer in the living room surrounded by six home theatre speakers- the better the music gets, the happier I am! DFX makes my day."
- Robert G. Reid (robertgreid [at]

"I just checked out your DFX plugin and i must say i am very impressed. Some broadcast audio processing gear doesn't sound as good as this."
- Dale Sharp (dale [at]

"*Terrific!* :-) I was wondering what the 'big deal' was, while playing MIDI files. Then I added three old Beatles MP2 songs with DFX in place. ...*WoW!* says it all! <*grin*>"
- Gary Caplan (gary [at]

" have a great product."
- Mister B (andrew [at]

"It IS an amazing machine...and it has really made the files sound totally differnet in a most positive way."
- Ulf (stonedu [at]

"Thanks to this plug-in WinAmp REALLY DOES whip the llama's ass now !!!"
- Trog (troglobyte [at]

"Your product is great!"
- Perry A. Younker (pyounker [at]

"Excellent program! DFX is really cool! :)"
- Ahn, Jin-su (jsahn [at]

"Your program really helps the quality of CD's and MP 3's, and actually works as intended."
- Phil L. George (plumtree [at]

"I will buy a new set of pc speakers to take full advantage of your terrific technology but I'm not in a hurry. DFX is giving my current $5 dollar speakers a $5000 sound quality. Congratulations, guys!!!"
- Antonio S. Laquindanum (jclaq [at]

"Purchased the software last week and I am really impressed with the improved clarity and sound. Although I'm not an audiophile it was clear that the sound was much cleaner."
- Ed Anderson (eanderso [at]

"After trying the demo version I was very impressed with the difference DFX made. I had no trouble hearing the difference. Quite an impressive little piece of programming."
- Mark R Blanchard (mrblanchard [at]

"I am very inpressed with this product. This was work well done!! It is not very often that I can say this to a software vendor."
- Collin Mostert (cj54mm [at]

"Thanx for makin' such a killer plug-in!!"
- Kelly Wagner (bladester [at]

"Thank you for selling such a fine product!"
- Bradley Chapman (eaglebtc [at]

"I received the enhanced version of your product and am very pleased with it. Keep up the good work!"
- Tod Marshall (tmarshall [at]

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