Make your iPhone, iPod, and iPad sound better than ever.

Get ready! iDFX dramatically improves the sound quality of your iTunes music files, providing exceptional playback quality on your favorite Apple devices.

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iDFX MP3 Enhancer accessory for iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes

What is iDFX?

iDFX is a software accessory for iTunes. By using advanced patent-pending processing, iDFX enhances your existing MP3 and AAC song files, and for the first time your iPhone, iPod, and iPad will provide the rich full sound quality of the original CD recordings. Learn more

iDFX Key Features

  • Enhances your entire iTunes library with one click
  • Automatically sets all songs to the same playback volume
  • Full speed CD ripping with iDFX enhancement applied
  • Dramatically improves YouTube MP3 file quality
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