DFX Audio Enhancer Quick Start Guide

  1. Turn on DFX

    By default, DFX Audio Enhancer automatically runs when you start up your computer, residing in your system tray. Bring up the DFX user interface at any time by clicking on the DFX tray icon: DFX tray icon
    If DFX does not start automatically, then do one of the following to start DFX manually:
    • Double-click on the DFX desktop icon
    • Click the Windows Start menu, then select All Programs → DFX Audio Enhancer → DFX
  2. Start playing a song, video, game, or anything with sound

    Listen to a song in your media player, watch videos on the Web, play a game, or do anything that generates sound.
  3. Your computer will now sound sharper, livelier and pack more punch with DFX

    DFX Audio Enhancer

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