December 21, 2020

FxSound Pro and a New Free Plan

The new FxSound Pro has a redesigned parametric EQ and much more.

At long last, FxSound Pro is here. It took us longer than we would have hoped, but we decided to make a big change to the equalizer that we think you'll love.

For years we've offered a multi-band graphic EQ with FxSound and DFX. This has provided great control over your sound, but the frequencies available for adjustment have been static.

With the new parametric EQ on FxSound Pro, you'll be able to adjust your sound without restriction. Whereas old versions of FxSound and DFX were limited to adjusting bands up and down, you'll now be able to adjust the center frequency of the bands. This way you're not limited to only adjusting a few fixed sound frequencies.

But that's not all. We've heard your feedback, and we've decided to make a few changes in light of what you've all said. Starting now there'll be:

We were previously planning to offer FxSound on two paid tiers along with a time-restricted free tier. Our thinking was than many of our users wouldn't be interested in using some of the more advanced features like the EQ, customizable Effects, and custom Presets. We also thought that one hour of processing time per day on the free tier would be enough to get a taste of what we're offering for most users.

Both of these decisions were mistakes on our end. So starting now, everyone who has subscribed to the new FxSound will automatically be upgraded to FxSound Pro, free for the first year with the option to cancel at any time.

And the new forever free FxSound will include:

  • No time or processing restrictions
  • The freedom to customize your sound with the new parametric EQ and Effects
  • New keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch playback devices and Presets

And with FxSound Pro, you'll unlock:

  • Use our professionally designed presets to get the best sound for Music, Gaming, TV, Movies, Transcription, and more
  • Save your adjustments to the Effects and EQ by creating your own custom presets

Our goal is to increase access to high quality audio, and we hope this is a step in the right direction. Stay tuned for more.

James Titchener,

CEO, FxSound

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