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Who we are

At FxSound, we make really easy-to-use software to boost the sound quality, volume and bass on your PC. 

We’ve been working to make access to high quality easy for over 20 years. We’re a small team, but looking to grow. Quickly! 

We work hard, but we do it because we like what we’re doing. We encourage experimentation, and we welcome mistakes so long as they fuel learning and growth. We give you the freedom to do what you do best, and in giving you freedom, we expect you to take initiative and find creative solutions wherever possible. 

What we need

We need a social producer to create and optimize content to engage and grow our audience. We want to educate the world on everything audio. There's a lack of fundamental understanding about what audio is and why it's important. We need someone to help us change this.

We need someone that can make learning about this space fun and inviting. And we need someone who can do it across platforms. Video and written content are especially important here.

If you're not a swiss-army-knife of content creation, that's okay too. If we need to outsource certain aspects, that's fine. But we need someone to own this lane in our company, and put together the necessary pieces to help us become the go-to resource for everything audio.

Finally, we need someone who cares about audio as much as we do. Nerds welcome.

What you will accomplish

  • Develop and implement social media strategy across platforms.
  • Help us leverage our large user base by converting them into a social following to match.
  • Build a portfolio of native social content.
  • Create systems to manage and optimize engagement and growth.

What you will bring us

  • Love for and expertise in audio.
  • Social media mastery.
  • Video production wizardry.
  • Growth and numbers mindset.
  • High levels of organization.
  • Honesty. Mistakes are okay. Lying to cover them up is not.
  • Radical transparency. We grow through honest feedback. You need to be able to take it and dish it.
  • Intelligence. We don’t need you to know everything. But we do need you to be able to learn quickly.
  • Strong communication and writing skills. We’re a writing first, meetings last organization. 
  • Strong work ethic. You can work on your own schedule, but we do expect the work to get done.

What we will bring you

  • Flexible location and schedule
  • An investment in your personal and professional development
  • Whether you want to grow into a larger role within FxSound or outside it, we will invest time and attention into helping you get where you want to go
  • Opportunity to create real value for millions of users
  • Bonuses and rewards for performance and for successfully bringing talented new hires onto our team

Join our team.

Apply to become a part of the growing FxSound team. We're a fully remote team, so no need to relocate. Just tell us what job your applying for and why.

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