Products We Love

Here are a few of the products and services the FxSound team uses and loves. Some of these services offer affiliate kickbacks to us, so supporting them supports us.

beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro Studio Headphone

For crisp, high-fidelity sound you're not going to find many headphone options better than the DT 1770s from beyerdynamic. Not unless you want to drop thousands...

These headphones are amazing when paired with FxSound to stream high quality music, shows, videos, and podcasts.

For a more affordable option from beyerdynamic, check out the DT 770s (just $149 on Amazon).

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Edifier R1700BTs Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

This is an affordable speakers option that's super easy to use and provides pretty good sound quality (especially for music streaming). With bluetooth connectivity and the option to connect directly to your PC via audio cables, these monitors give you the freedom to go wireless for the ease-of-use or wired for the improved quality.

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There are certainly better options for music streaming when it comes to sound quality (like Amazon Music), but it's hard to beat the selection of content and ease-of-use that Spotify provides. Plus it's free.

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For learning, self-improvement, and entertainment Audible puts amazing books in your ears. Audiobooks are an awesome way to stay productive and entertained while working out, driving, doing the dishes, or anything menial.

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