About FxSound

And our mission to bring high quality sound to all.

Who we are

We make software to improve digital sound quality. Millions have downloaded our software in our 20 year history. We think high quality audio shouldn't be reserved for rich audiophiles. We get up everyday to work toward bringing high quality digital sound to everyone.

The team

Austin Sweet

Austin Sweet

Lead Audio Engineer
Vijayakumar Balakrishnan

Vijay Balakrishnan

Lead Software Engineer

Our story

My dad, Paul Titchener and his cofounder, Mark Kaplan launched their first audio software product in 1997. Paul was the digital signal processing (DSP) expert and Mark helped package the new DSP tech into something people could use. DSP-FX (the predecessor to FxSound and DFX) was awarded Most Innovative Product of the Year by Electronic Music Magazine.

For over 20 years, Paul and Mark helped bring high quality sound to millions of people. And without emptying out our customer's pockets in the process.

When my dad unexpectedly passed in 2016, I began working for FxSound, and soon after I bought out our partners and took on the CEO role. While I'm not the audio wizard my dad was, it's my aim to see my dad's vision through.

You shouldn't need a master's degree and a wallet overflowing with cash to get great sound. For too long, high fidelity audio has been a luxury for the few. It's our job to bring high quality digital sound to the masses.

James Titchener,
CEO, FxSound


We're always looking for developers to join our small but scrappy team. Remote only. Flexible schedule. Apply today.


Send us an email at support@fxsound.com for everything and anything at all.