FxSound Reviews

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What users say about FxSound

Greg Anderson - Uses FxSound for Music

Sound Quality: 10/10
  • Deeper, richer sound quality compared to other products
  • Sound quality is great with my earbuds and headphones
Equalizer: 10/10
  • Very easily adjusted to your sound preference
Customer Service: 10/10
  • The staff will answer any question and fix any problems should they arise
  • Knowledgeable with the product
  • Friendly down-to-earth folks

William Shirley - Uses FxSound for Music and Zoom

During the pandemic, work comprises Zoom meetings interspersed with compressed music streaming (from Spotify, Tidal).  After suffering from 'flat' music and struggling with muffled voices on Zoom, I realized that sound enhancement was necessary.  FxSound provides amazing, enhanced sound and a refreshing listening experience.  And with the 'speaker' option, I can pop between different headphones and desktop speakers with a simple toggle.

Tori Lawton - Uses FxSound for Transcription

FxSound has been a gamechanger for my legal transcription business.  The voice feature is PERFECT for enhancing  the audio/video received from my clients.  Whether it’s a bodycam audio from law enforcement, a jury trial in a crowded courtroom or even someone recording with their cell phone in their pocket, FxSound has truly helped me provide the best possible transcripts for my clients.