About Us

Our Start in Audio

FxSound started making audio boosting products over 20 years ago when Mark Kaplan joined our late founder, Paul Titchener to create what they were then calling, DSP-FX.

In 1999, Paul and Mark released the predecessor to FxSound, DFX Audio Enhancer, which would go on to become one of the world's most popular audio software products with millions of downloads and counting.

A New Beginning

With our founder, Paul passing away in 2016, his son, James Titchener entered the company to help produce the latest iteration of our software, FxSound. This new and rebranded DFX was released in 2017 and broke many of our previous sales records.

In 2019, James took on full ownership and management control of the company, and with this change has aggressively reinvested in developing exceptional products and doing everything possible to provide high quality audio that's both affordable and convenient.

We think that you shouldn't have to compromise quality for convenience. You should have you cake and eat it too. So with FxSound, we provide studio quality audio without the cost and hassle of studio quality gear. And for those that have high resolution systems, we provide you tools to customize your audio to your exact taste.