January 4, 2022

FxSound Is Now Completely Free and Unrestricted

FxSound Pro is now free for everyone, not just those who can afford it. Get free and unrestricted access to better sound today.

Our mission is to provide great sound for everyone, not just those who can afford expensive and complicated sound systems.

To increase the access to better sound, FxSound is now 100% free and unrestricted.

Download this new version now to unlock all presets and the ability to save your EQ and Effects settings to create your own presets.

All active FxSound Pro subscriptions have been cancelled. And anyone who subscribed to FxSound Pro in the last 7 days will be refunded.

We want to thank the hundreds of thousands of DFX, FxSound Premium, and FxSound Pro customers who have supported us in the over 20 years we've been in business. It's with your support that we've been able to continue to make software that has improved the sound on over 50 million devices.

This is not the end of FxSound, but rather a new beginning. It's our goal to continue improving the FxSound software and expanding our compatibility so that we can boost the sound for users on Mac, Chrome, and other platforms and devices.

We've decided to make FxSound free, because FxSound should be free. If we want make better sound available to everyone, then FxSound needs to be free.

But improving and maintaining the software costs money. As does keeping our servers up and running. We have a small team of designers and developers that have bills to pay, and we'll all need to get jobs elsewhere without your help.

If you have the means and you want to support the FxSound team and contribute to our mission to make amazing sound available to all, please donate today.

FxSound is now 100% supported by our users. We have no restrictions on our software, and we do not run ads. But we can only do this with your help.

Donate now to support FxSound and our mission to to provide great sound for everyone, not just those who can afford it.

Thank you for your support.

To a new beginning,

James Archer

CEO and Owner, FxSound

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