November 28, 2023

FxSound Is Now Open-Source

FxSound is now open-source under the GPL 3 license.

Here's our Github.

We're looking for contributors. If you're interested in improving the FxSound code, making new features, fixing bugs etc., refer to the contribution guidelines on our Github. If you have any questions reach out to @bvijay on the forum. Strong contributors will be rewarded financially so long as our support from users and sponsors continues.

If you're not a developer but you still want to support us, we're entirely supported by our users. If you want to help fund our efforts to keep improving FxSound, you can donate here.

We're also now looking for brand sponsorships. Sponsors will be featured on the FxSound website. If you're part of a company that might be interested in sponsoring us, reach out to me @James on the forum or at

Finally we're also looking for more contributors on the forum to help with community and technical support. Strong contributors will be rewarded financially. You can reach out to @doolhoofd on the forum for any questions on this.

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