July 27, 2020

How to Minimize Compression to Increase Sound Quality

You could be young and hip just like this guy if you'd only get your compression in check.

We've talked about how to squeeze the best sound out of your streaming video, an area plagued by excessive compression and quality throttling. But it’s time to turn our spotlight onto your favorite music services. If you haven’t taken active steps, you’re being served up sub par audio for no good reason.

Spotify has many options. You can download your playlist to minimize compression, and select high quality playback and hardware acceleration to make sure you’re getting the best output possible. Pandora bundles all these options into a single setting, as does Apple Music.

So fire up your speakers, adjust your settings, switch to your favorite FxSound preset to maximize the fidelity delivered, and enjoy the quality you didn’t realize you’ve been missing.

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