August 29, 2020

Presets Reimagined

More isn’t always better. Better is better

It’s a new world, and a whole new FxSound. As technology and the way we live has evolved and changed, we’ve made sure to develop further and adapt. You’ll see some familiar elements, and some things that are entirely different. 

We rethought how you fundamentally interact with FxSound, and based our direction on enabling the best, most efficient experience possible. After all, your audio should just work.

Part of our next steps was to shift our approach to Presets. Before, in FxSound Enhancer and DFX Audio Enhancer, you would have opened the presets tab and been greeted with an ENORMOUS list of every conceivable music genre, with a handful of alternative listening situations thrown in. Not only did many users find this cluttered or overwhelming, the world has changed and there weren’t presets for more modern uses. Questions came up about how useful or accurate some of these presets were (is there really processing that covers the full range of all different classic rock genres? Do you use the Folk or Alternative preset for an Alt-Folk tune? What if I don’t like the preset for the genre I’m listening to?).

So that was the problem: too many fiddly, overly specific, antiquated presets. The solution: Industry-Expert built, dynamic presets focused on need, not media classifications. Rather than 40+ music genre presets, just one adaptive music preset made to enhance any listening. Presets for Gaming, Streaming, Video Calls, Transcription, and more to make it easy to use FxSound for your entire life. Rather than swapping presets between every song, swap when you move on to a new activity. 

More isn’t always better. Better is better. It’s better to have a select few, flexible, high quality tools for the job rather than a shop cluttered with hundreds of poor quality tools that only fit a very specific situation. Our new presets free you to focus on what matters, and to simply enjoy your audio the way you should. Take the new FxSound for a spin, and see how easy hi-fi audio can be!

But we've added some new presets available for download here.

And if you need help getting started with the presets, check out this guide.

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