October 29, 2021

The Only Volume Booster Without Distortion (Windows) - FxSound

FxSound is the only volume booster for Windows that will make your volume louder without distortion. And you can download it free today.

Whether you have quiet laptop speakers or headphones, we all wish we had louder volume sometimes. There are a few volume boosters (or sound boosters) you can download for your Windows PC, but there's a catch... they'll distort your audio, and can damage your speakers and headphones.

If you want to boost volume without distortion, the only real option is to buy some expensive new headphones or speakers, or download FxSound. The newly redesigned FxSound makes it easy to increase max volume on your Windows computer. There isn't another volume increaser software that can make your sound louder while preventing peaking that is harmful to your ears and your headphones and speakers.

Whereas other volume boosters like Sound Booster and Boom increase volume indiscriminately, we focus on not just maintaining but enhancing sound quality. And our parametric equalizer (EQ) gives you the tools to precisely boost the volume only where you need it.

You might be wondering, how does FxSound work? Can volume boosters actually do what they say they will? We can't speak for the other software options, but can boost your volume and more:

  • Dynamic boost to increase volume
  • Parametric EQ to boost bass and more
  • Improved sound quality (via 32-bit floating point processing and 16-bit re-dithering)

Download the best free volume booster today.

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