July 27, 2020

Why Sample Rates Matter

More samples = better sound.‍ Here's how to make sure you're getting your max sample rate.

Samples are digital snapshots of a moment in a sound wave. In the same way you can play back thousands of photographs quickly to create a moving picture, you can play back thousands of samples to create audio.

Why do they matter? Well, more snapshots to push through every second means more detail in your audio.

More samples = better sound.

So, let’s make sure you’re using the highest sample rate you can.

1) Open the Windows Menu

2) Settings

3) System

4) Sound

5) Device Properties

6) Additional Device Properties

7) Advanced Tab

8) Select Your Sample Rate (the higher the better)

That’s it! You should be getting 48000 hz (industry standard). Now just sit back and enjoy.

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