How Do I Use the FxSound Keyboard Shortcuts?

How Do I Use the FxSound Keyboard Shortcuts?

It's super easy! I've got the list of the shortcuts with their keystrokes here:

You can click the checkbox to disable shortcuts if you'd like. We don't have the functionality to reprogram just yet keyboard shortcuts, but let us know if these conflict with any shortcuts you're already using.

Here's the shortcuts in action:

Preset Switching
Playback Switching

If you cannot enable the keyboard shortcuts we may have disabled them due to a bug issue we're facing with some non-English keyboards. We'll be updating FxSound with a fix for this as soon as we can.

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Need more help?

Now that FxSound is free and we've moved to a donation model we've had to discontinue active customer support, but you can get help from the community at the new FxSound Forum.