How to Change Your Playback Device in FxSound

How to Change Your Playback Device in FxSound

Changing Playback Devices with Keyboard Shortcuts

1) Ctrl + Shift + D or Ctrl + Shift + A

That's it! I told you it was easy. If you want to switch back. And if you want to continue cycling through playback devices, press Ctrl + Shift + (A or D) until you get to the playback device you're looking for.

Changing Playback Devices in FxSound

1) Open FxSound

2) Click on the playback devices drop down

3) Click on your desired Playback Device

Changing Playback Device in the System Tray

1) Open the System Tray (up arrow usually at the bottom right of your desktop.

2) Right click the FxSound Icon

3) Hover over "Playback Device Select"

4) Select your playback device

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