Need Help Uninstalling FxSound?

Need Help Uninstalling FxSound?

1) Open the Start Menu

2) Click Settings

3) Click Apps

4) Click on FxSound

5. Click Uninstall

Uninstall Troubleshooting

Some users experience issues when trying to uninstall. Try the following troubleshooting steps if that is the case for you.

1) Restart your computer

2) Reinstall FxSound

Click here for instructions on how to install.

Click here for the link to download.

3) Restart your computer

4) Uninstall FxSound

Follow the instructions above if you need help uninstalling.

Additional Troubleshooting Steps

Apologies for this problem. If you're still having issues, here are some steps for a manual uninstall. Note that these instructions are for Windows 10 and may have become outdated after an update.

1) Right click the sound icon on your taskbar


2) Open Sound Settings


3) Click Manage sound devices


4) Click on DFX Speakers and disable it


5) Navigate to file explorer


6) Navigate to (C:) Folder


7) Navigate to Program Files (x86)


8) Delete DFX Folder


Re-enabling MSI Files to Uninstall

It's possible the MSI files required for uninstallation could have gotten accidentally deleted.

1) Open the Command Prompt in Windows

2) Follow the prompts in this short video:

Learn more about:


Need more help?

Now that FxSound is free and we've moved to a donation model we've had to discontinue active customer support, but you can get help from the community at the new FxSound Forum.