Saving Custom Presets (and more!)

Saving Custom Presets (and more!)

Hey! My name is Austin Sweet. I'm the Lead Audio Engineer at FxSound, and I'd like to talk about FxSound's Presets.

All of the built-in ones are on top, and your custom presets will be down below.

We made these widely applicable to a range of audio setups, listening situations, and hearing profiles. It means that for some people, these can be perfect and you'll never need more.

But for others, these might serve more as a good starting point to creating your own settings.


General is a broad moderate boost to your audio's dynamics, clarity, bass, and space.


Music is a bit more targeted, and it's focused on sweetening, adding wider tones, and boosting your favorite albums and tracks.


Voice is a specialized preset built to emphasize the core ranges of human speech. This should make any speaking easy to understand.

Streaming Video

Streaming Video enhances your shoes, while smoothing out the volume differences between dialogue and soundtrack in movies.


Gaming is focused on delivering pure, fast, high fidelity audio, more volume, without any distractions or frills.

Classic Processing

Classic Processing is for all you old-school FxSound Enhancer and DFX fans. It's a replica of the factory settings that shipped with some of our older software.

Light Processing

Light Processing is subtle and gentle. It gives you the same great FxSound tone, while letting high-quality or overly loud sources still shine through without too much modification.

Bass Boost

Bass Boost is for all of you who want thick, heavy low end. If you're choosing this preset, you already know what you like.

Creating Custom Presets

Now, if you change any settings in a preset, you'll see this asterisk appear next to the name. You can discard any changes if you want, but what if you hit on some amazing sound? 

Just save the preset here.

If you'd rather overwrite an old preset with these new, better settings, you can do that too. And if you decide you don't really like the new saved settings, just delete the preset and start again.

Hope that helps! For more tips on FxSound and audio in general, check out the Learning Center, our Blog, and our YouTube channel.

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Need more help?

Now that FxSound is free and we've moved to a donation model we've had to discontinue active customer support, but you can get help from the community at the new FxSound Forum.