FxSound Preset Descriptions

FxSound Preset Descriptions

It’s finally here: A whole new FxSound! We took the best of our legacy, and combined it with streamlined and improved technology to give you even greater audio. 

A huge part of our updates was creating dynamic presets, each with responsive processing. This allows us to give you a smaller set of higher-quality tools, making your FxSound experience better than ever. Let’s take a look at the list of presets you’ll be getting to know (and love):


This is exactly what the name suggests: a nice, broad collection of processing, meant to fit almost any situation. Your everyday, sweetened audio. Louder, smoother, richer, deeper, and clearer. If you want a truly automatic, ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ sound enhancer, this is for you.


Obviously, any incarnation of FxSound needs music processing. This one is tailored for modern mastering, with dynamic response to any genre. Swap to the Music preset and hear your favorite tracks like never before, no matter the platform or artist. 


This preset is specially designed to enhance human voices, lower background noise, and smooth out recordings for those transcriptionists. It's also great for voice and video calls for work, as well as podcasts.

Streaming Video

When FxSound’s engine was first introduced in the 90’s, hardly anyone watched visual media on their computers. But in today’s world, it’s MORE likely you’re watching at your PC than your TV. This preset will smooth out volume differences between voices and music/sound effects, enhance the score, and increase the quality of your viewing. Binge on in a whole new way with FxSound.


You upgrade and choose the best hardware for your setup. You carefully tailor your settings for perfect performance. Let FxSound make your audio clearer, wider, and more defined to give you that much more of an edge. Immerse yourself in a whole new sonic experience, and let us bring your games to life.

Video Calls/VoIP

Our computers are now hubs of communication. As more people than ever before work from home, or video call with friends and family to socialize digitally, we knew that we needed to provide settings that would make every call, meeting, or livestream loud and clear, no matter what program (and connection issues) you may have.

Classic Processing

Do you really want to try the new FxSound, but don’t want to lose the classic sound you love? No need to worry. We’re including this preset just for you. This is a perfect, precise replication of the original FxSound’s base processing so you never have to go without the familiar audio you love. 

Light Processing

Here’s to you, audiophiles. For these higher quality listening experiences, you only need FxSound’s powerful engine and re-dithering, without any of the volume or timbre modification. This preset is meant to be a lightweight, transparent output for your Hi-Fi sources. 

Bass Boost

For all you Bassheads, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. All the low end you could possibly want, with the clarity and quality to match it. Let FxSound give you a powerful, deep, rich experience, and shake the walls with your new bass-focused audio.

Volume Boost

If you want louder volume, this is the preset for you. This will increase your max volume while cubing the peaks to prevent distortion.

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Now that FxSound is free and we've moved to a donation model we've had to discontinue active customer support, but you can get help from the community at the new FxSound Forum.