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An easy-to-use Sound Enhancer for everyone

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What you get with FxSound

- High resolution sound with any hardware.
- Volume boost without distortion.
- Uncompressed audio on YouTube and more.
- Optimized sound in the background.
- Customized listening experience.


Why you need FxSound

Optimized audio for your hardware

Most music and audio is designed for studio quality speakers and headphones. We optimize your sound for whatever hardware you're using.

High fidelity sound for your music (and more)

Our software optimizes your audio for your entire system, so you get high fidelity quality on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Netflix and more.

Boost your volume without distortion

We increase your system's max volume to it's true limit while preventing distortion.

Personalize your listening experience

We give you the tools to customize your sound. Or leave FxSound in the background and we'll happily do the work for you.