How To Use FxSound to Boost Your Sound Quality and Volume

Alright, we're going to reveal the super top secret Audio Engineer special technique for boosting your sound quality with FxSound. Are you ready? Here it is....

Download FxSound and activate it.

You see, FxSound is purpose built to be your software solution for boosting quality and volume. 32-bit floating point processing, proprietary 16-bit re-dithering systems, true bypass effects, and zero latency passthrough give your audio the maximum possible fidelity and dynamic clarity as soon as you turn on FxSound. This prevents any quality bottlenecks, delivering only the purest sound to your ears.

Getting enough volume out of your PC can be a struggle. Consumer headphones and speakers don’t always have very high output. Even when paired with an amplifier and digital-to-audio-converter (DAC), your hardware may not always produce adequate signal.

If you have pretty good hardware, the audio itself may be the culprit. Unlike television, radio, and movies, there are no volume standards for media online. Some content will simply be quieter than the rest.

And even with good hardware AND good quality sources, sometimes a volume boost is necessary to fulfill a situational need. Maybe you're a working professional and have a poor quality file you need to transcribe. You may suffer from hearing loss, or have sensory needs that require different sound architecture. All of these are cases where your hardware, audio files, and listening space can't really help. You still need a way to get more volume out of what you've already got.

If this is a familiar scene, we're here to help

FxSound contains a high quality volume boost, designed to fill any amplitude need. No expensive or cumbersome hardware. No substandard, lossy processing. Just you and a targeted, clean boost to your sound.

FxSound works to increase your volume level in multiple ways. Because of the quality boost we mentioned at the top of the page, no data is sacrificed from your audio file. More data equals more frequency and volume information. More digital information means a clearer, louder sound.

Maximizing your audio’s inherent quality is helpful, but like we said: sometimes you just need more. That banger track you love just came on. A recording of your professor mumbling through some information absolutely imperative to you graduating. Your client demanding that you have this terrible cell phone audio accurately transcribed by the end of the week, or else.

Let us introduce you to your new best friends: the Active Effects and Equalizer.

FxSound's Dynamic Boost control increases your volume above your PC’s natural limit, utilizes compression to reduce peaking, and dynamically modulates your frequency response to give you louder, clearer, richer playback. The Clarity and Bass controls give you the choice to boost your audio’s high and low range volume, and the studio-grade equalizer can be used to bring up any lacking frequency ranges. Play around with these settings as much as you need to until it sounds good to you, then sit back and relax with your new, clear, loud audio, courtesy of FxSound.

Download the new and improved FxSound for free.