What is FxSound?

Hello! Before we get into how to utilize FxSound, we want to make sure you know what this program is and the long pedigree behind it. We feel that being honest and open about our product and vision can equip you to get the most out of FxSound and make better audio choices throughout your life.

FxSound is a digital audio program built for Windows PC's. The background processing, built on a high-fidelity audio engine, acts as a sort of digital soundcard for your system. This means that your signals will have the clean passthrough when FxSound is active. There are active effects for shaping and boosting your sound's volume, timbre, and equalization included on top of this clean processing, allowing you to customize and enhance your sound.


FxSound is (technically) a 90's kid at heart. It's roots are in a program called DFX Audio Enhancer, born in 1999. This audio processor (with the above super-retro interface) was a huge hit, and sold millions. As much as we dug all the crazy colorful skins and old-school sound, it was eventually time to move into the future of audio. With a few major overhauls and some polish, FxSound was born. We wanted to build on the pedigree and foundation of DFX, so we kept the best aspects while modernizing the sound and look. The result is the FxSound you see here today.

Now, we made FxSound so that you can download it, turn it on, and just watch the cool bars bounce without touching the settings. Out of the box, it's got a great, all-around tone, with a good amount of volume and space added to your sound. But there is so much more under the hood, and with a little active effort FxSound can go from a nice audio quality booster to a fully customizable, powerful audio suite. Read on to learn more about how to use FxSound, and learn a little bit about your audio along the way.

Download the new and improved FxSound for free.