How to Use FxSound to Boost Sound For Gaming

Video games are the most intensive audio experience you will put your PC through. No other use case involves active processing, dynamic sounds, directional manipulation, and music. Sound cues provide important feedback, while the score and effects immerse you. For such a vital and processing-heavy use case, powerful software is required to unlock your full potential.

Loud music. Shouting voice comms. Warning pings and alerts. Your music player shuffling to a blasting song in the middle of a critical moment. A sudden intense moment in some video you’re streaming while you play. In such a harmonically saturated environment, it is critical to balance your audio properly. By doing so, you save your ears from overloaded volume, and save yourself valuable mistakes coming from misinterpreted audio cues or comms. After all, who wants to be the guy who lets down the whole raid, throws the teamfight, or steps into a known ambush? Don’t let messy sound be the reason you tilt your teammates. Let’s talk about how FxSound can help you avoid being the temporary pariah in your group chat.

By just turning on FxSound, you’ve taken an important step in boosting your sound. When FxSound is activated, a targeted compressor begins to average out your audio’s volume without ruining your dynamic range. No more peaks, no more straining to hear quiet moments or dialogue, and no more worries about distortion.

Beyond just some automatic enhancements, FxSound puts control in your hands to customize how your whole sound suite responds in-game. With the active effects and equalizer, you can experience a richer, wider soundstage with exactly the timbre and balance you need. The EQ can be used to pull out frequency ranges that are too loud, like harsh high-end sound effects or overpowering rumbling lows. After you find the settings that match your game, save it as an FxSound preset under the name of what you’re playing. Now every time you’re loading in, you can recall your perfect parameters and dive in with amazing audio. Let FxSound take your gaming experience to a higher level.

Download the new and improved FxSound here.