How To Use FxSound to Boost Your Bass

Some would call this an ideal Bass balance.

FxSound understands that bass stands apart from other aspects of sound. When dealing with home PC playback, too often your bass can turn into a muddy, weak mess that takes away from your sound’s clarity and quality. When properly balanced, these deep frequencies add body, power, and punch to your audio. We all know the struggle of maxing out the bass control on our home stereo or car radio in an attempt to give our terrible, low-fidelity music any life at all.

To understand how FxSound treats your bass, let’s first talk about what “bass” actually is. A sound’s pitch, referring to how high or low it sounds, is measured by counting how many vibrations it produces per second. We call this measurement hertz. Average ideal human hearing range is between 20 hertz and 20,000 hertz. 

The term “Bass” usually refers to frequencies of 20 hertz to 250 hertz. The thump of a kick drum, the deep punch of an 808, the rumble of a bass guitar, the richness of a voice: these all live in this range. That’s why it’s so important to have proper bass treatment in your audio: it’s a narrow range of the sound spectrum, but carries so much importance. 

In FxSound’s interface, the bass slider controls a targeted, compressed boost to your low frequencies. If you need more bass (and let’s face it, you could always use a little more bass), increasing this parameter will bring your audio to life with a deep, rich tone. 

Bass control doesn’t always mean boosting your low end though. Low-pitched hums can ruin your listening experience. Boomy, boxy audio can make voices and music sound overdriven and unnatural. FxSound is built for full-range control. By using our studio-grade Equalizer, you can find offensive frequency ranges and reduce them to balance out your sound. 

No matter if you’re trying to push your PC’s low end to the extreme, or reign in rogue frequencies for perfect balance, FxSound is here to deliver your perfect sound.

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