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Double the volume and bass of laptop speakers or cheap headphones without distortion.
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FxSound’s equalizer, effects sliders and presets give you the tools to customize audio to your taste.
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Hi-fi audio for TV, movies and more

We add depth and body to the audio of your favorite TV shows, movies, podcasts, video games and more.
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Transcribe with more accuracy and speed

FxSound provides clarity to audio recordings for precise transcribing without having to constantly rewind.
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Frequently Asked

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Home stereo systems and PC’s are built with an inherent compromise: keep audio components affordable, at the cost of low-quality sound playback.

FxSound compensates for these compromises by targeting and processing sound’s timbre, volume, spatial balance, and dynamics. What this means for you is clearer, louder, deeper, and more balanced audio. Install our lightweight program, let it run unobtrusively in the background, and enjoy your new, customizable high-quality audio experience.

FxSound is built with all manner of audio hardware in mind, from budget to audiophile. Higher quality gear may not need as much compensation, but just like our ears, no two headphones are made exactly alike. Use FxSound’s precision EQ, audio routing, and volume control to dial in a more precise, personalized sound and get the most out of your equipment.

FxSound is built to provide a dynamic, yet controlled increase in volume. By preventing harmful peaking, a less fatiguing listening experience is achieved. Coupling this with an actively equalized boost means a wider volume range without as much distortion.

FxSound understands that bass stands apart from other aspects of sound and needs specialized attention. Use the included equalizer and the targeted Bass parameter to get more punch, clarity, and depth in the low end of your audio.

When performing transcription services, your time is valuable. Don’t let poor quality, unintelligible recordings waste it away. With FxSound’s Dialogue Boost Preset, you can wave goodbye to endless replays and straining to understand faint voices. The Fidelity and Dynamic Boost controls bring voices to the forefront and increase their clarity, while the EQ and Bass controls are used to cut out background noise.

FxSound brings an approachable interface to professional sound processing. At higher volumes, unprocessed sound can be fatiguing. Without proper equalization, audio can be hard to understand and lacking intended depth or emotion. Let FxSound make it easy to get the most from your sound.