How to Use FxSound to Boost Sound for Skype, Audio Calls and VOIP

The modern morning routine: coffee, social media, and catching up on work messages.

The internet is no longer an isolationist tool. Gone are the days of your PC silently humming as it starts up. It’s far more likely that your email, Facebook, Slack, Discord, Twitter, and Skype all chime in with missed messages, news, and notifications from those you know and love. We at FxSound want to help you connect and communicate clearly and comfortably.

It's more likely than you think that your next job inteview will look something like this.

Online voice and video calls are taking over more and more of our personal and professional lives. It’s extremely common for job interviews to take place over a video chat platform. Screen sharing and VoIP calls are replacing office meetings. People are using online call services to catch up with family and friends, play games remotely, stream themselves to followers, and connect in new ways.

This is an incredible step in human advancement, and shows no sign of slowing down. But there is a catch, and that’s that to support all this web traffic, providers turn to audio compression to maintain stable connections. It’s a good thing that they do, otherwise dropped calls would plague every single interaction. But many times, moments when the quality drops can make it hard to understand and effectively communicate. FxSound is designed for high-quality audio and clarity, and by using it, your next online call can be a much better experience.

Since we can’t install physical, dedicated hardwired connections between every single person we call, from every single place we call them from, we need to work with the audio signal we are given. Internet call services try to compress the audio intelligently, sacrificing the extreme low and high-end data, and preserving the midrange frequencies the most. This does lead to good volume with less information, but by decreasing those high frequencies, it can begin to sound muffled or murky.

The good news is that while the high end of your audio may be decreased some, it isn’t gone. By using FxSound’s EQ and Clarity effect, you can drastically boost these tones and clearly understand what’s being said. For more intensive needs, the Voice preset is designed as an extreme clarity increase. You may want to pull your volume down slightly before enabling this preset, since the boosts to the audio are fairly dramatic. Once you've tried using FxSound during your next call, you'll wonder how you ever endured such a garbled, muffled mess before.

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