How to Use FxSound to Boost Sound For Video

A haiku about watching your favorite movie on a plane without FxSound:
Plane loud, turn it up,
Still can't hear what they're saying,

Over 25% of internet traffic worldwide is streaming video. In fact, it outweighs any other category of internet usage, including social media and business traffic. Clearly, we all love our streaming video services.

There’s just one catch. Your Hulu binges, Netflix documentaries, Disney+ nostalgia trips, YouTube rabbit holes, Amazon Prime Video movie nights, Apple TV recordings, they’re all saving some bandwidth by compressing and degrading your audio and video quality.

This isn’t some evil decision from corporations trying to suck the fun out of your life, however. Video files have simply grown in size far faster than internet speeds have improved. In a world without file compression, your favorite video streaming sites would take several minutes just to load.

To get the most out of your streaming video (and it’s compression), the embedded audio needs to be high-fidelity, properly balanced, and volume controlled. You can’t add back quality that’s been removed from files, but you can ensure to get the most out of the signal being fed to your PC.

"Ah hah!" I hear you say, "But I download all my media! I've beaten all that streaming compression mumbo-jumbo!"

You may be in the clear data-wise, but let's get real. How many times have you noticed that a movie's dialogue is incredibly quiet, while the sound effects and score are ear-piercing? Or that on a plane, you have to turn t he volume up to deafening levels just to understand what anyone is saying, only for your ears to be assaulted once the booming explosions or yelling happen suddenly? You might need an audio amplitude compressor, like the one in FxSound, to normalize all your volume and clear up your playback.

FxSound is built to give you the most from your video. Your computer’s audio drivers can often be a bottleneck as far as quality goes, with sub-par bitrates and dynamic range. FxSound is built with 32-bit floating point bit depth and a custom re-dithering system, which makes sure that you get the most from the incoming audio.

Now that you have a good signal flow, it’s time to manipulate it to suit your needs. By activating FxSound, and utilizing the effects and equalizer, you’ll start to shape your audio. Bring up your sound’s harmonic content, add space and ambiance, and pull back any frequencies that are too harsh. Soon enough, you’ll be able to hear so much more from your streaming video. Let FxSound enrich your viewing, and experience the difference of hi-fi audio.

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