How to Use FxSound to Boost Sound for Podcasts, Interviews, and Other Casual Listening

We talk a lot about intensive audio needs. Audiophiles, movie addicts, working audio professionals, sound nerds possesed with a need for higher bitrates, all examples of humans who pump hours of content into their ears and demand only the finest waveforms for their refined hearing.

But what about the more casual listener?


Not everyone has to be audio obsessive. Chances are, only a few of you reading this found FxSound because you were diligently hammering away, diving deep into searches on a fervent quest for high-fidelity audio software. Most people would just prefer a generally nicer, richer listening experience for the things they enjoy. Background podcasts to pass the time in the office. Some YouTube surfing while you focus on something else. Listening to an interview to catch up on a news story. For all of you just trying to make your day a little better, we’ve got you. We may make powerful, precision software, but we take great care that we stay grounded and make FxSound easy to use.

Podcasts are one of the fastest growing mediums in entertainment. They’re also one of the most diverse as far as production and format, with benefits and drawbacks. For instance, if you have a niche interest, I’m sure there’s some passionate people who share it who have hours of content for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, these same passionate content creators may be recording on some absolutely garbage equipment. Don’t let someone’s lack of budget or editing knowledge keep you from discovering new podcasts. FxSound can boost your volume and clarify your audio signal so even the crappiest of home recordings sounds studio-ready.

The same principles apply to your casual videos and interview listening. We understand that for these casual cases, you don’t need the full effects suite blasting away, with all frequency sliders blazing. Just turn on FxSound and let us deliver you smoother, richer sound with the base, general-use settings.

Download the new and improved FxSound for free.