How to Use FxSound Effects to Customize Your Audio

There are two sides to delivering great audio to your ears. The first is the objective, practical solutions: high quality processing, audio best practices, and a focus on fidelity. But just as important is your own taste, your own hearing, and your own unique setup.

We can’t possibly know every person’s hearing range, PC audio hardware, favorite genre of music, space around their listening setup, preferred volume, or other factors. We won’t know if you’re sitting up with perfect posture in front of your speakers, listening to music while you diligently review for that one last final exam, or lazily slouching while reluctantly studying. Maybe your favorite movie is a cooking documentary full of gently wafting classical scoring, or a hardcore cyberpunk masterpiece with aggressive, loud electronica throughout. Maybe you’re listening in front of your full tower gaming pc, or on your trusty work-issued laptop .

It’s important that everyone’s needs are met, with everyone's unique hardware, and everyone’s subjective taste. This means putting control into the user’s hands. You get the keys to FxSound, and the massive audio engine inside.

The Clarity and Bass features allow control over the timbre of the sound. These parameters can be used not only to enhance and accentuate the best parts of your audio, but to reduce problematic hotspots in your playback’s spectrum.

The Dynamic Boost and background processing helps to manage the balance and boost the volume in your media. The Dynamic Boost restores the amplitude lost in compression, while also boosting the frequencies most commonly cut from the sound.

A good sense of space and ambience is hard to achieve in small rooms, let alone in headphones placed directly on ears. Use the Ambience and Surround Sound control to generate carefully calibrated artificial space.

Using all these effects in tandem, you can make your sound as subtle or as raucous as you want. You’re welcome to carefully balance and enhance, drastically boost and compensate, or just add a little bit of spice to your sound. Try FxSound for free and see what your audio could be.

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