Boost Sound

Boost sound quality, volume and bass for your speakers or headphones.

The compression problem

Audio is compressed to make the file sizes manageable, but some of the original source’s data must be sacrificed. With fewer frequencies and less headroom, the resolution of playback suffers.

A new solution

FxSound is purpose built to restore that lost quality with 32-bit floating point processing, proprietary re-dithering system, and zero latency passthrough.

Hi-fi audio has never been easier

FxSound carefully boosts audio signals, using the highest quality practices at each step. No bottlenecks, no compromises, and nothing between you and excellent sound.

Boost your volume

FxSound's Dynamic Boost is targeted to not only bring up overall amplitude, but to also boost the frequency spectrum of your music. An increase in headroom and a reduction in unwanted peaking means an easier, clearer listening experience.
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Boost your bass

Using the Equalizer and Bass parameters, you can bring more low end into lacking audio and compensate for frequencies lost in compression and conversion.
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