Customize Sound

FxSound provides the tools you need to personalize your audio.

Audio customized to your taste

FxSound allows precise control over your audio processing. The Presets, EQ, and adjustable Effects all dial in the perfect experience.


Explore FxSound’s extensive preset library, made for any and all listening experiences. Switch between music genres, dialogue boosters, surround sound experiences, and your own saved custom presets with just a click.
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No two ears hear the same way, and not all hardware is created equal. FxSound’s studio-grade equalizer brings up frequencies that are lacking, reduces problem hotspots, and lets you create your own balanced audio.
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Shape your sound, boost your volume, and extend your dynamics with FxSound’s active effects. Bring a new dimension to your audio with the Fidelity, Bass, Ambience, Dynamic Boost, and Surround Sound controls.
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